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Your Questions Answered

You give us the information we need. We’ll tell you what you’re owed and submit your claim for you. It’s as simple as that. Need to know a bit more? This might help:

How quickly will I get my refund?

Once we've got your signed Deed of Assignment and P87s to let us know you're all set and happy to get things moving, we'll get your claim to HMRC for approval. It can sometimes take as long as 18 weeks for the taxman to check your details and confirm your refund total.  Many claims are paid faster though, so the sooner you get us the details we need the sooner you'll have your money!

How will my refund be paid?

Once your refund's paid out, we'll either pay it straight into your bank account or send you a cheque if that's better for you. The choice is yours

How do I know if I can claim?

In the last 4 years, have you shelled out to:

  • Wash your own uniform?
  • Repair or replace any specialist tools you need for work?
  • Pay for any professional subscriptions you need to do your job?

If so, there's a very good chance you're owed a tax refund! Just answer a few simple questions here and we'll instantly tell you whether you can claim back some cash from HMRC. Most people never even realise how many of their day-to-day expenses qualify for tax relief. Unless you prove to HMRC what you're owed, though, the taxman won't have the information he needs to settle up.

How much does it cost to claim?

There are no up-front charges to pay for anything, and if it turns out you aren't due a refund then there's nothing to pay at all! When HMRC coughs up your cash, we take out our fee and then send the refund to you. Our standard charge for a tax refund if you're employed under PAYE is a simple 28% of the refund you've claimed + VAT (no minimum fee). Before we send your claim to HMRC, we'll give you a complete breakdown clearly showing: -

  • The total refund.
  • The cost of our service.
  • The VAT due (VAT goes to the government, it's charged on almost all goods and services).
  • The amount you'll receive.

Signing your P87(s), lets us know that you've read, understood and agreed with it that breakdown - and that all the information you've given us is true. This means you'll never be charged any fees you don't expect or haven't agreed to.

What should I do if I have assigned another company to receive my refund in the past but now want to switch to WorkCostsR4U?

If you've already signed a Deed of Assignment with another company, that agreement is legally binding for the tax years listed on it. It can still be cancelled if both you and the company you signed with agree to "rescind the assignment". That basically just removes their right to receive your tax refund from HMRC for you.

This means that you need confirmation from the existing company to say that they've "rescinded their right" to receive the refund before either you or an alternative tax agent can receive any refunds due for those years.

Unfortunately, until that confirmation comes through, we won't be able to help youi with your refund claim.

How can I change the company I want to receive my refund for me?

You need to contact the company you used and ask them to confirm that they"rescind their right to receive any refunds of tax" on your behalf. As long as there are no outstanding fees to pay the company will usually agree right away.

How do I close the Deed of Assignment with WorkCostsR4U?

If you need to close the Deed of Assignment at any stage, please email us at We'll contact HMRC directly to get it sorted out for you.

Will I be rewarded for telling my friends about WorkCostsR4U?

We're always delighted when a customer's pleased with our service, and love it when they tell with their friends and workmates about us. Getting the word out means we can help even more people get back the tax they're owed!

We're working on a reward programme to show our gratitude for sharing Work Costs R4U with your friends. Watch out for news on that and enjoy the feeling of knowing that you're helping others to get money back they're owed in these difficult times.

What is a P87?

A P87 is a form we send to HMRC on your behalf. It outlines everything you're claiming tax relief on for a given tax year. We prepare it using the information you give us online, then you sign it to agree that the details you've provided are accurate and honest. You'll need to sign a P87 for each tax year you're claiming for.

Why can't I claim for more than £2,500 of expenses?

The maximum amount of employment expenses you can claim per tax year is £2,500. If you need to claim more, you'll have to submit a tax return to HMRC. We can also help you with this, and will explain to you once you've submitted your expenses online.

Why can I only claim for the last 4 years?

A lot of people miss out on the refunds they’re owed because they assume you can only claim for a single year. In fact, you can still get your money back for 4 full years. Unfortunately, HMRC's rules mean we can't claim for any more than 4 years. That's why it's so important to claim before the new tax year starts on the 6th April 2021 to avoid missing out on another year's expenses claims.

Will my tax code change after I've claimed?

Claiming a tax refund shouldn't change your tax code. Your tax code represents the amount of money you can earn tax-free, so it’s important that it’s correct. Who wants to pay too much tax - or worse still, get a bill from the taxman because you haven’t paid enough? If your tax code changes, just contact HMRC directly and they can fix it.

How do I contact you?

For all enquiries, please email

Can I do my own claim?

Yes, if you’re confident you can get your head around the legislation and have the time to deal directly with HMRC. However, if you don’t apply the rules correctly and claim more than you’re allowed to, HMRC may ask you to pay back some or all of your refund.

It's like getting your car fixed. Some people can do it themselves already, while others prefer to have an expert handle it because:

  • They want to be 100% certain nothing goes wrong
  • They don't have time to do all the paperwork or hang on an HMRC phone queue.
  • They don't have time or expertise to keep up with all the changing rules and legislation that could trip them up

My employer paid some of my expenses, can I claim the rest?

Yes! As long as you declare what you've already received from your employer when you fill out your information online, we'll be able to calculate any tax you're still owed for your expenses.

Will I need to provide any documentation to support my claim?

No - but it is good practise to keep records of all work expenses.

Can I still claim if my job isn't listed?

Yes, as long as you're wearing a recognised branded uniform or need to purchase or pay for replacement tools for your job, you can still claim. If your job isn't listed, please use the General/Not listed below criteria.

Why do I not qualify if I earn less than £1000 a month?

To qualify for a tax refund, you obviously need to have paid tax. The current tax threshold where employees start paying tax is £12,500 a year, or £1000 a month. If you earn less than this, you won't have paid tax in the year, so won't qualify for a refund.

I claimed once before, so why is it now saying I am not entitled?

There are a few reasons why you may now not be entitled. If you have already been paid a refund, HMRC may change your tax code to ensure you are given the allowance in your future pay. So you may now be receiving the allowance already, which means there is nothing to claim. Alternatively, if your job has changed it may no longer fall into the criteria for a claim.

Can you claim if you work for an employer and are not self employed?

Yes! Tax refund claims are specifically for people who are employed under PAYE ("on the books"), rather than self employed.

Will my claim affect my benefits?

Your claim will not impact benefits you may be receiving eg. working tax credits, child tax credits, JSA, or ESA.